LED Bulb

LED are the latest in the list of energy efficient lighting. They are eco-friendly and contain no mercury at all. They reduce energy consumption by 80% as compared with CFLs. They are practically maintenance free. In the same time you replace atleast 20-30 incandescent bulbs. The choice is yours. Go Green and save money!!! Direct fit for easy installation · Elegant Design · Provide flicker-free start and deliver utmost brightness instantly.


  • Industrial and Commercial Lighting
  • Kitchen Under-Cabinet Lighting
  • LED Replacement Bulbs

Device Advantages

  • Lowest Cost
  • IC Controlled
  • 1.5 year warranty
  • High energy efficiency
  • Cold temperature operation
  • Have Great Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Generate Directional Emissions
  • Provide Instantaneous Turn On & Do Not Have Issues With Frequent Switching
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Operate Well In Cold and Hot Temperatures

Approximate Cost

7 Watt LED Bulb

60 / 1000 piece

9 Watt LED Bulb

70 / 1000 piece

12 Watt LED Bulb

100 / 1000 piece


Delivered To

Whole-seller, Bangalore

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Whole-seller, Mumbai

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Whole-seller, Ahmedabad

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