FPGA design and programming

FPGA design services at pelectropcb implies firmware development for FPGA and CPLD chips. Our engineering team can join your project at any stage and offer the best choice of FPGA/CPLD microcircuits for your product according to the required budget, power consumption and performance. 

FPGA service at pelectropcb involves the following activities:

  • Specifications development
  • Architecture definition, selection of IP cores
  • SystemC modeling
  • RTL descriptions development in VHDL/Verilog
  • Logical and physical synthesis
  • Adaptation of IP cores to various FPGA families

Our expertise

We design and integrate IP cores, interface controllers, data processing algorithms, processor cores and custom specialized modules.

  1. SoC/SoPC: integration of digital and control elements on a single chip managed by RISC CPU, DSP, signal processing blocks, peripherals, memory interface.
  1. Solutions for interface modules: development, integration and implementation of interface controllers, peripheral modules, system buses, control logic (FSM).
  1. Data processing modules:
  • Digital signal processing algorithms: digital filters (FIR, IIR) and fast Fourier transform (FFT)
  • Specialized modules: DSP cores, multipliers, coders/decoders, ALU for operations with floating points
  • Implementation of video processing algorithms
  1. Processor cores:
  • Selection of the processor core architecture: ARM, PowerPC, MIPS
  • Integration and adaptation of processor cores: MicroBlaze, PicoBlaze, Nios, and others by Xilinx and Intel (Altera)
  • Division of IP blocks into hardware and software elements
  • Selection of the operating system (RTOS), application of libraries and programs
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