Mobile development for Android and iOS

The development of mobile applications for any device operated by Android or iOS is the central focus of our division, Pelectropcb Mobile.

We are prepared to implement your application’s entire development cycle — concept generation, market survey, architecture                                 development, user interface design, program code for Android and iOS and comprehensive testing – everything you need to                           successfully launch a new product on App Store and Google Play, including support and maintenance, as well as further                               development.

Pelectropcb Mobile team is uniquely qualified. We have developed applications for smartphones and tablets, as well as software for                       mobile readers, set-top boxes, vehicle electronics, portable multimedia, and navigation devices. Using our expertise, you can                       implement the most daring ideas in software development. For example, you can integrate a smartphone with mobile gadgets, as               well as home or vehicle electronics. We know how to handle any device operated by Android or iOS. 

Our mobile development services

You can utilize our knowledge and experience to perform the following tasks:

  1. Development of mobile application for iOS and Android
  2. Development of software for Android at Linux kernel level
  3. Testing and quality control
  4. Maintenance and consulting in the following areas:
      •              Development of new software products for Android and iOS 
    •              Creation of reference terms for the development of mobile applications
    •              Porting mobile applications to other platforms
      •              Integration of applications with mobile gadgets, use of smartphones to control smart homes and vehicle                                  electronics
    • Pelectropcb Mobile Portfolio focuses not only on user applications (B2С), but also on business solutions (B2B) for different markets:
  • Health 2.0 — mobile applications and gadgets for environment diagnostics and monitoring
  • Multimedia and entertainment
  • Security
  • GPS/GLONASS navigation
  • Banking
  • Communication
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